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Biker Dating

Biker Dating is your adult online singles service to find thousands of hot local motorcycle chicks. Adults only! Are you ready for some fun? These singles are mostly looking for some fun on the side. Some of them want to meet new friends, find parttime lovers or have one night stands. Find hot local babes and riders from Los Angeles to New York. Join Biker Dating free today!

Some bikers ride heavy cruiser-type motorcycles. (Motorcycles in excess of 700cc displacement are considered "heavy," and "cruisers" are large, heavy bikes designed for relaxed travel that allow the rider to sit upright or lean back. A chopper is a motorcycle that has been stripped down—or "chopped"—to the bare essentials: engine, frame, gas tank, wheels, handlebars, and seat.)

The other more popular styles of bikes are
  • Sports Bike (those who have the fastest, most maneuverable of bikes. Like going fast, and most importantly, taking corners as fast and leaned into as low as possible)

  • Tourers (Big comfortable bikes, built for covering long distances comfortably)

  • Dirt bikes (Designed for off road riding)

  • Adventure Tourers (Bikes built for travelling across vast distances where roads do not exist. Cross between a dirt bike and a tourer)

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